Welcome to our Full-Scope Optometry office in Vellore Woods, Vaughan!

Our mission is to deliver attentive and personalized eye care through excellent communication, listening, and patience. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive care with forefront technology.

Most importantly, we take pride in patient education and helping people see their choices for greater freedom and quality of life.


Eye Exams in Vaughan

Complete Eye Health Exams – Do not let perfect vision fool you. Your eye doctor can see inside your eyes to ensure there are no hidden eye diseases that do not have symptoms early on. Having regular eye health checks is just as important as your routine body checkup with the family doctor. Prevent eye problems before they occur and cherish your gift of sight.

Optomap Retinal Scan – The machine that was invented because Douglas Anderson’s five year old son went blind in one eye from a retinal detachment that was detected too late with traditional eye exam methods.

Slowing Childhood Nearsightedness

Ortho-k A safe way to control your child’s nearsightedness while they sleep. FDA approval for corneal reshaping was granted since 2002.

Soft Lens Myopia ControlThere are now daily disposable contact lenses children can wear to help slow down their nearsightedness by up to 59%. Ask us about MiSight 1 Day.

Atropine Eye Drop TherapyOne of the top three methods of myopia control with the most scientific evidence and clinical trials showing their effectiveness.


Smart Lenses – It is a luxury today to be offline. Help protect and relax your eyes from digital eyestrain when you need to do the work that needs to be completed.

Progressive Lenses – Get fitted professionally in eyeglasses that will allow you to see distance, near and in-between. Say goodbye to lined bifocals.

Prescription Sun Lenses – Your eyes can get sunburned too. Give them the proper protection.

Contact Lenses

Colour Contact Lenses – Enjoy all the fun and attractiveness of colour contacts while keeping your eyes safe and healthy.

Scleral Lenses & Specialty Contacts – If you have dry eyes, a high prescription, or astigmatism out of the usual range, you can still benefit from custom designed contact lenses.

Order Contact Lenses  – Don’t run out of contacts again. We make it convenient for you to refill your lenses today.

Vision Correction Eye Surgery

LASIK/PRK The most common laser eye surgery to increase your freedom from glasses.

SMILE Small incision laser eye surgery without a need to create a corneal flap.

Refractive Lens Exchange Patients no longer need to wait until their cataracts are mature to receive treatment.

Implantable Contact Lens An alternative for non-candidates of LASIK and PRK.

Cataract Surgery Restore vision in your golden years.

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Our Happy Clients

Dr. Allyson Tang and her team of professional doctors and staff are absolutely incredible people. I have seen Dr. Tang for many years and I have always had a great experience at her clinic. Dr. Tang is very professional, very thorough with the eye examination, and great at explaining and educating her patients. I truly believe that she cares about her patients and wants the best for them. The staff are also very friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and reliable. I really hope that this clinic gets recognized and wins the Top Choice Awards for 2018! Congratulations for being the top 3 nominees!


They have always been very kind to me and their customer service is top notch. I feel like this is something that is lacking from a lot of businesses so this is very important to me. I always feel extremely comfortable there and their facility is clean. They deserve this award as they go above and beyond for their patients. I had an eye infection and I was supposed to give them a ring to let them know how I was but I had forgotten and they instead called me to check up on me. I really appreciated that and valued how much they actually care


Allyson's office is my eye clinic and they have provided exceptional care over the last few years. My normal yearly appointments aside they followed my care after I had an injury to my eye and face in a car accident and saw my quite frequently to monitor my care. She answered all my questions and made me feel much more at ease about what was going on. They also made themselves available at any time even if I just wanted to call and ask about something that was making me feel uneasy.