5 Interesting Facts to Know About Opticians

5 Interesting Facts to Know About Opticians

May 20, 2022

5 Exciting Facts You Need to Know About Opticians

If you’ve been wondering why you should visit an optician near you connected with an eye clinic in Scarborough, here are five reasons to choose Dr. Allyson Tang Optometrist – Scarborough for your eye exams and eyewear choices:

1. They Help with Your Eyewear Selection

When you partner with an eye care professional to choose your eyewear from the same location, you’ll know that their selection has passed the doctor’s rigorous standard of quality and affordability. You need to feel comfortable making your eyewear selection. This is why we have an optician and optometrist ready to answer your questions and provide information about eyewear that suits your needs.

Also, when you visit our optician in Scarborough, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’ll receive personal care and the courtesy of time to make your selection. It is easy to feel rushed when you feel like there is a queue forming behind you in a chain of eye care providers. You’ll never feel rushed at our practice. Our goal is to help you make the right choice, knowing your improved vision has style and clarity.

2. They Ensure a Personalized Fit

Our optician near you cares more about the comfort, fit, and performance of your eyewear choice than they do making the sale. They know that patients have countless choices for eyewear, but many of those choices are online and impersonal. Fit is a critical consideration in eyewear.

There is no substitute for a personalized fitting than personalized care. As advanced as technology is, there is no substitute for measuring the position of a client’s pupils than sitting directly across from them. It also allows our optician in Scarborough to include critical second measurements that many online retailers fail to perform.

What’s the big deal about having glasses that fit if they look good? Improper fitting glasses can cause headaches, blurred vision, dizziness, tripping hazards, etc. Plus, children can experience lower grades and reduced social interactions.

3. They Love Answering Your Questions

Opticians love interacting with people and answering their questions. That’s one reason they entered their chosen profession. They are excited to answer the most basic of questions such as, “which lens is best for my line of work,” along with more technical questions such as, “what type of gradient will best protect my eyes in the climate I live in?”
Some of the most common considerations in variables include:

  •  Lens coatings such as UV-protection
  •  Polished or unpolished edges
  •  Lens material (plastic or polycarbonate)
  •  Range of prescription
  •  Thickness of lens

Opticians love to answer questions about contact lenses. It can be especially beneficial when you are a new wearer of contact lenses. Knowing your optician is only a short drive away can provide immeasurable peace of mind for anyone hesitant to place a foreign object in your eye. We are here to answer questions about prescription eyewear, emergency eye care, and more.

4. They Offer Flexible Appointments

You may want to order your eyewear online because it’s convenient for your work or school schedule. But you would be giving up some of the advantages of visiting an optician in person, especially a practice that offers weekend hours. Dr. Tang and her team never want a patient’s work or school schedule to get in the way of receiving optimum eye care. That’s why we offer Saturday appointment hours. Please call us now to schedule a time that works best for you.

5. They Partner With Desirable Eyewear Brands

Our eye clinic in Scarborough has partnered with iPurle, a leading, independent provider of fashionable, current, and trendy eyewear. If you’re tired of seeing similar-looking frames on people around you, our partnership with iPurle gives you access to thousands of eyewear designs all under one roof.

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