5 Major Benefits of Prescription Sun Lenses for your Eyes

5 Major Benefits of Prescription Sun Lenses for your Eyes

Jun 17, 2022

How Sun Lenses help your Eyes?

Sun lenses are a versatile part of an everyday outfit, whether stylish or as a prescription, irrespective of the intention. Prescription lenses are more widespread due to their flexibility. Many people prefer contact eyeglasses which are not ideal for all situations. In outdoor situations, contact lens wearers require sunglasses.

Prescription lenses have the upper hand due to their flexibility. Everyone can wear them, children, teenagers, and elders. Also, they are handy in most outdoor situations, such as the beach or driving down a sunny road. To be safe, you should have a pair of prescription sun lenses, irrespective of whether you put on contact lenses at some point.

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What are the Benefits of Prescription Sun Lenses for Your Eyes?

Having a pair of prescription sunglasses comes with several benefits. Major advantages of prescription sun lenses are:

1. UV and Glare Protection

Prescription sunglasses are polarized to block 100% sun’s UV rays. Notably, the color and density of the tint do not translate to the degree of UV protection. It’s therefore advisable to visit an eye expert for a proper eye examination.

Following a thorough eye examination, your eye specialist gives you an ideal prescription and lets you choose any lens color with an individual tint density. Any choice you pick offers 100% UV protection. Furthermore, all polarized lenses have glare reduction properties that prevent light from bouncing back from reflective surfaces such as water, concrete pavement, and snow.

Usually, UV radiation causes sunburns, wrinkles on the eyes, and premature aging, especially if you are not using sunscreen. You can reduce such changes and look younger and more attractive by taking the necessary precautions. Sunglasses are very helpful in protecting your skin and eye area, particularly when outdoors.

Your skin remains healthy, and you prevent wrinkles from developing early. The skin around your eyes is very sensitive and most vulnerable to UV radiation. The skin on the eyelids is thin and contains delicate tissues that can get damaged by UV light. You, therefore, require ideal UV-protective sunglasses when going outdoors.

2. Vision Enhancement

Prescription sun lenses help improve your vision. Currently, individuals with eye problems can take advantage of these lenses. Prescription sunglasses offer your eyes a high degree of protection from UV light and correct short or farsightedness.

3. Ideal Lens Options

Prescription eye lenses are available in all materials. They include glass, Trivex, Photochromic Tint, Polycarbonate, Regular (CR-39), and High-index. It’s recommended to buy prescription glasses with a photochromatic tint (transition lenses). Transition lenses are convenient for all lighting conditions, and thus opticians usually recommend them most of the time.

4. Different Frame Styles

One of the reasons prescription sunglasses are rising in popularity is because of the different frame styles. The frames usually come in designer, fashion, and celebrity options. Although rare, there are also wrap-around sunglasses with a curve around the head. Therefore, you should consult with an optician before settling on the desired frame.

5. Clear Vision

Prescription sunglasses are customized according to your eye condition to provide sharper visual clarity, ideal color contrast, and improved depth perception. The lenses used to make prescription sunglasses are shatter-resistant and ensure full vision clarity while protecting your eyes optimally.


Prescription eye lenses are currently available in many online and offline stores and are usually accompanied by amazing discounts when purchased at an ideal time. Their aesthetic value and amazing style enhance their popularity.

They are excellent since they offer 100% UV protection. Consult with an optician when selecting prescription eye lenses. You can visit or book an appointment with our eye clinic in Scarborough for expert advice.

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