All You Should Know About Colour Contact Lenses

All You Should Know About Colour Contact Lenses

Mar 09, 2022

Thanks to the increased innovation in the cosmetic industry, you can change how you look. Whether you’re looking for recent trends in fashion or want a hairstyle change, you can get it with ease. You can even change the color of your eyes with colour contact lenses.

While it might look risky and complicated, contact lenses are easy and safe to do correctly. Consult your eye doctor for advice and recommendations, and this guide helps you do that!

What are Colour Contact Lenses? Do you need a Prescription?

Colored contact lenses allow you to change your eyes’ color. They are for cosmetic, correction, or both. Even when used for cosmetic purposes, your eyes still come first. The fitting procedure requires the help of an eye care professional.

Usually, the contact lens is placed on your cornea, decreasing the oxygen supply to the eye. It’s worth noting that some colored contact brands offer more permeability of oxygen than others. Apart from the material, the size of the lens also matters a lot. An ill-fitting lens can put your eyes at significant risk.

Apart from fitting the lens, your eye doctor will help you decide which size, material, and brand will guarantee maximum safety and comfort. Still, they can guide you on the lens shade that suits your eyes and wearing schedule the best. Contact your eye care doctors for colour contact lenses in Scarborough, ON.

Can I Buy Colored Contact Lenses Online?

It’s safe to buy colored contact lenses online, but only with a prescription. Upon usage, make sure you strictly follow the given care instructions and consult your doctor if something is unclear.

Choosing a Color that Suits You

If you’re considering colored contact lenses, it’s essential to consider the color or tint that works best for you. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. You may be surprised that your favorite color is wrong for colour contact lenses.

To begin with, you must think about your hair color and skin tone. You can look at some examples online and get a rough idea of what tint suits you the best. You should also keep in mind your desired results.

To help you decide, below are four primary options.

Opaque Tints

These lenses are non-transparent and change the color of your eyes completely. Opaque lenses are best suited for individuals with naturally dark eyes.


Colour contact lenses with a visibility tint have a light blue or green tint applied. The light green and blue colors help see the lens if you accidentally dropped them.


Colored lenses with enhancement tint seek to enhance the natural color of your eyes. This option is a bit darker than those with visibility tint. Enhancement tint is best suited for individuals with light eyes looking to boost the color of their eyes for a more intense look.

Customized Color Tint

If you’re looking for customized lenses for special occasions such as Halloween or plays, some manufacturers can create custom color tints for you. These tints can apply to both prescription and non-prescription options. These lenses are only worn for short periods and may require the supervision of a licensed eye doctor for use.

Caring for Colour Contact Lenses

There are risks to using colored contact lenses. For instance, there’s a significant risk of developing eye infections. Your doctor will give you a few tips on caring for your color lenses and how to wear them properly. These include:

  • Don’t wear lenses longer than recommended. Typically, you can wear daily contact lenses for about eight hours. Consult your eye doctor to know how long you should wear the lenses.
  • Consult your doctor for eye drops if you suffer from dry eyes when wearing the lenses.
  • Never try or share contact lenses. It can lead to infections.
  • Remove the lenses if they are uncomfortable, causing eye irritation, or causing vision disturbances. Visit an optometrist near you to ensure there’s no eye damage.
  • Clean and store your lenses as directed.

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While wearing colour contact lenses is safe, it’s essential to consult with an eye doctor about any recommendations, risks, and concerns. Contact Dr. Allyson Tang Optometrist– Scarborough to speak with our optometrist in Scarborough.

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