All You Need to Know About Lasik Eye Surgery

All You Need to Know About Lasik Eye Surgery

Mar 01, 2020

Eyes are one of the most important sense organs. Eyes assist you to view and see. Visual impaired persons find it challenging to perform basic work on their own. With the advancement of medical science, visual impairments can be corrected to enable better vision.

The most commonly used eye surgery to correct impaired vision is Lasik surgery. Commonly termed as Lasik, this is a laser eye surgery or refractive surgery to correct hyperopia, myopia or astigmatism.
Just like other refractive laser surgery, the front surface or cornea of the eye is reshaped to enable the light to focus on the retina without the usage of glasses or contact lenses.

Typically, the Lasik surgery is a pain-free treatment that requires only fifteen minutes to treat both the eyes. The improvement in vision can be experienced immediately. The recovery period is as low as twenty-fours only, and you can expect the vision to improve quickly. Experienced optometrists perform Lasik eye surgery in Vaughan.

The Procedure of Lasik Eye Surgery

Optometrist in Vaughan, ON are highly-trained to administer Lasik eye surgery. The essential steps in Lasik eye surgery include:

#1: First Step

Microkeratome or femtosecond laser is a mechanical surgical tool which is used to create a thin and circular flap in the cornea. The hinged flap is folded by the surgeon to access the stroma.

#2: Second Step

The corneal stroma is reshaped by using an excimer laser. A cool ultraviolet light beam is used to remove the microscopic amounts of tissues that are formed over the cornea to reshape the cornea to facilitate focusing of the light accurately in the retina. This process involves the utilization of highly specialized laser rays to improve vision.

#3: Third Step

The procedure of Lasik treatment ends when the corneal flap is placed in a position to adhere to the corneal stroma. The most important feature of this surgery is not utilizing stitches.

The Need of LASIK

Lasik surgery is performed by the optometrists to correct various vision impairments. Myopia or nearsightedness occurs when your eyeball is slightly elongated from its normal shape. When the cornea is curved sharply, the vision turns blur because the image forms in front of the retina. As a result of this, the objects that are closer can be viewed clearly, but the distant objects are not visible vividly.

When your eyeball is shorter than the normal size and the cornea is too flat, the light is focused behind the retina instead of being focused on the retina itself. As a result, the near vision turns blurry, and the phenomenon is known as farsightedness or hyperopia.

When the cornea is flattened or curved unevenly, you have astigmatism. This is the most difficult vision correction treatment as both the near a far distant vision is affected.

Risks of LASIK

Although the rates of complication arising due to LASIK surgery are extremely rare, the side effects are temporary and few vison problems as glare common. The Lasik surgery can result in a temporary decrease in tear production and can render the eyes dry. Dry eyes can restrict the movement of eyeballs, but this is not a permanent phenomenon.

Double vision and glare can be experienced for a few days after the surgery. You might find I difficult to view in bright or dim light. Even viewing at night can be troublesome. The vision improves with time.

Loss of vision is extremely rare after undergoing Lasik treatment. Although some patients can experience changes in vision. A weakened immune system and autoimmune disorder as rheumatoid arthritis or HIV can be the root cause for increasing the risks of Lasik treatment. A fit person has a lesser risk of aftereffects of Lasik surgery.


Having a clear idea about the budget for surgery is a must. Although this is an optional surgery, the benefits are immense and long-lasting. Once you undergo the Lasik surgery, you can bid goodbye to your correction glasses and contact lenses permanently.

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