Contact Lens Fitting in Vaughan

Contact lenses are one way to enjoy greater freedom from your glasses. To ensure you are wearing the most suitable contact lenses in the correct size, power and in good health, Dr. Allyson Tang offers a complete contact lens fitting procedure.

The most common type of contact lens wear is disposable soft lenses. In this case, when you are a good candidate, fitting contact lenses will be given to you to take home and try in your everyday life. After one to two weeks time of wearing the lenses, your eye doctor will check the health of your cornea and conjunctiva, making sure you do not have problems such as dryness, allergy to the contact lens material or solutions, and that the lenses fit well without being too tight or too loose.

Once you are ready to purchase the contact lenses most suited to your eyes and your needs, Dr. Tang’s clinic provides a Guarantee Successful Fit Policy where you can have peace of mind that you have made the right choice, or you are entitled for a refund. Please ask us for further details.

Our office is proficient in fitting hard lenses (Rigid Gas Permeable – RGPs), and disposable soft contact lenses for nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism as well as presbyopia (a condition where one requires reading glasses). With the advancement of contact lens technology, there are constantly newer, better materials and designs to meet patients’ visual demands. Daily disposable multifocal contact lenses are one great example of how far contact lens technology has come along.

Can I Buy my Contact Lenses Online?
When making a purchase of contact lenses, which are a medical device after all, it is important to be aware of the source. Although there may be attractive savings when contact lenses are purchased on the Internet, there are so far no regulations protecting consumers from purchasing counterfeit product or prescription lenses that have not been verified by a licensed Optician or eye care professional. This could lead to harmful outcomes ranging from eyestrain to eye infections. The Ontario Association of Optometrists and College of Optometrists of Ontario are striving to work with the government to improve this scenario.

Dr. Allyson Tang Optometrist is pleased to be a member of Eye Recommend, who have worked hard to create a trusted web store,, fully backed by independent Doctors of Optometry and licensed Opticians. You can be sure to receive the same support, warranties, and customer service with the products purchased from as you do in our eye clinic in Vaughan. This means you can enjoy the convenience of buying online as well as the confidence of having an eye care professional take care of you before and after the purchase. We are excited to help transform your experience with contact lenses!