Emergency Eye Care: Expectations vs. Reality

Emergency Eye Care: Expectations vs. Reality

Jan 01, 2022

Although it’s recommended you visit an eye clinic at least once each year for an eye checkup, not everyone manages to do so. It’s thus common to find patients requiring emergency eye care from time to time.

Several things can lead to emergency eye care. For instance, you get an eye injury, lose vision on one or both eyes, and experience severe eye pain or inflammation of the eye. Emergency eye care is always critical because it prevents permanent eye damage. If you have an eye emergency, always visit an optometrist near you to avoid escalating the eye condition.

Luckily, you can get emergency eye care in Vaughan. All you need is to visit Dr. Allyson Tang Optometrist – Vaughan and receive immediate medical attention. Some eye problems that signal possible emergencies include pain in the eyes, sudden blurry vision, loss of vision, swollen eyelids, black spots in the field of vision, and the appearance of flashes of light in the vision.

When patients require emergency eye care, they may have realistic and unrealistic expectations. It’s normal to have expectations when visiting an emergency eye care facility, especially if it’s your first time. Most people have a preconceived notion of how everything will unfold. While some are true, others are not.  Below is a brief highlight of some expectations vs. reality in emergency eye care.

Expectations vs. Reality in Emergency Eye Care

Every optician at a health facility will handle their case

Most patients who require emergency eye care expect that any optician at an optical can help address their needs. However, only an optometrist can address emergency eye care. If a patient checks into a typical optical, most are surprised when referred to the emergency eye clinic. It’s because an optometrist has special training and equipment to handle emergency eye care.

Some patients expect urgent hospitalization or surgery

When patients walk into a facility with an eye emergency, most think they will see the optometrist instantly. Notably, not all eye emergencies are urgent. The optometrist keenly assesses your case and advises you accordingly. In some cases, they may give you instant treatment, and in other cases, they may refer you to another specialist.

They will perform surgery

During the consultation with an optometrist, most patients reveal that they expect to receive eye surgery. Not all cases of eye emergencies require surgery. An optometrist checks your case and, after conducting several tests, determines the best treatment option. Although some instances look severe, they can be treated with medication, glasses, or contact lenses.

They will give you a prescription instantly

Patients usually assume they will receive a prescription instantly after telling their emergency eye care specialist their symptoms. On the contrary, an eye specialist may not always issue a prescription based on primary consultations. They must conduct a comprehensive eye exam to rule out conditions that may share similar symptoms. It is for this reason that some cases require more than one appointment.

Emergency eye care is a one-time deal

Many patients presume that they only have to visit an eye care specialist once and receive treatment. Although some conditions require one-time treatment, adhering to a professional’s strict follow-up care is highly advisable. The follow-up appointments usually monitor your eye health.

Treatment starts and ends in the optometrist’s room

Like many other medical conditions, patients believe that treatment begins and concludes in the doctor’s office. Besides giving prescriptions, they may provide patients with some measures to practice at home to speed up the recovery. Patients thus have a considerable role to play in emergency eye care. For instance, they may ask you to avoid rubbing the eyes or instill eye drops at home.


Do not hesitate to visit an optometrist near you to prevent severe eye problems when you detect a possible eye emergency. The optometrist is well trained to handle these emergencies and will provide you with the necessary treatment. Call or book an appointment with Dr. Allyson Tang Optometrist, our eye clinic in Vaughan for emergency eye care.

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