How An Optician Helps You Choose the Right Eye Frame?

How An Optician Helps You Choose the Right Eye Frame?

May 01, 2022

How do Opticians Help You Choose the Right Eye Frame

There’s one thing that most people have in common when choosing frames for their glasses. They want to look good while they’re wearing them. There are many more factors in determining which frame is best for you. Many of these factors require one-on-one time with an optician near you. Let’s understand from our optician in Vaughan:

1. Temple Length

Temple length is important to fit since an incorrect measurement could cause the frames to fall forward on the wearer. It is uncomfortable and annoying but can affect vision correction. The first signs of frames not fitting correctly are slippage, nose sliding, and tilting. If you’ve noticed these signs in the frames you’ve chosen or the frames you see other people wearing, it’s probably due to incorrect temple length.

2. Frame Size

It seems like a pretty straightforward standard in frame fitting, but fashion or trends ignore it. While some wearers prefer larger lens areas in their glasses, the frames should not be so large that they disrupt where the largest portion of the lens will be on their face. It is also sometimes known as pupil positioning. This detail also sacrifices the clarity of a wearer’s corrected vision. Our eye clinic in Vaughn provides a wide range of frame selections that can accommodate style and vision simultaneously.

3. Bridge Fit

This measurement is not as important in metal frames as in frames made of other materials. The reason is that metal frames have nose pads that you can adjust to achieve a corrected bridge fit where other materials do not. This measurement is as important to comfort and fit as frame size since it can impact how a wearer’s frames rest on their nose. When you visit our optician near you for help with your prescription glasses, we consider bridge fit since you’ll be sitting in front of the optician for personalized one-on-one care.

4. Pupil Distance

Incorrect measurement of pupil distance can result in headaches and eyestrain. If you’ve recently started to wear glasses and have also noticed an uptick in headaches and eyestrain, there’s a good chance that pupil distance is the culprit. Our optician in Vaughn uses two types of pupil measurement. Monocular pupil distance measures the distance between the center of the wearer’s pupil and the middle of the bridge of their nose.

Binocular pupil distance measures the distance between the center of the pupil of one of the wearer’s eyes and the center of their other eye. This measurement plays a critical role in comfort, fit, and clarity because of differences in facial symmetry. When you visit Dr. Allyson Tang Optometrist in Vaughan, we’ll use a pupillometer to take these measurements for your prescription eyewear. Online retailers suggest using a ruler with milometer measurements to measure a wearer’s pupil distance. This type of measuring opens the door for inaccurate measuring compared to our use of a pupillometer, ensuring accurate measurements.

5. Convenience is in the Details

There have been many advancements made in technology that allows individuals to try different hairstyles, hair colors, and even eyeglass frames from the comfort of their home. While that can be fun and convenient, it can also wreak havoc on real-time scenarios and long-term convenience. When you visit us for your eyewear consultation, you’ll be able to try on thousands of frame options to see how they look when you’re wearing them while having the convenience of our expert optician to guide you on their comfort and performance.

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