How to Improve Your Eyes’ Appearance and Vision Using Color Contact Lenses

How to Improve Your Eyes’ Appearance and Vision Using Color Contact Lenses

Jul 15, 2021

Your eyes are one of the most striking facial features. How they look can affect your appearance. Let’s not forget their obvious function, which is vision. With color contact lenses in Scarborough, ON, you get to hit two birds with one stone.

With colored eye contacts offered at Dr. Allyson Tang Optometrist, Scarborough, you have the option of changing your eye color in subtle or bold ways. Regardless of whether you need an everyday look or are looking for a supernatural, spooky style, prescription-colored contacts are the way to go.

Color Contact Lenses, In a Nutshell

Your eye has a colored part known as the iris. Most people may presume that the iris is just one block of plain color. However, it has intricate patterns, speckles, and shapes that make it stand out.

So, color contacts are designed to mimic the appearance of your iris. Colored eye contacts can enhance the unique features of the iris, giving your eyes an awesome new look.

The center of the lens is transparent, which means that when you wear the contact lens, your vision will not be obscured.

Do Colored Eye Contact Lenses Correct Vision?

Yes, they can! Color contact lenses in Scarborough, ON, can be used to correct myopia (shortsightedness) or hyperopia (far-sightedness). However, some contacts don’t have corrective power (Plano) and are used entirely for cosmetic purposes.

There are also colored contact lenses used to correct astigmatism, but they aren’t as common as the others.

However, a prescription is required to get color contact lenses even though they are for cosmetic purposes only. The reason for requiring a prescription is that they are viewed as medical devices and can harm your eyes if they aren’t properly fitted, maintained, and worn.

Why Should You Choose Colored Contact Lenses?

Contrary to popular thinking, colored contacts aren’t supposed to change your appearance completely. They can add the intensity or depth of natural eye color. You might associate colored lenses with a special occasion. But you’d be shocked by the number of people who are wearing color contact lenses every day.

We cannot ignore the obvious reason why most people go for colored contacts is for costumes. They are excellent for Halloween or special occasions. Either way, it won’t hurt if you go with this option instead of the regular contacts.

What Types of Colored Contacts Are Available?

As mentioned earlier, the iris has an intricate pattern, which means that the contacts need to have well-arranged shapes and lines that can help them look natural when you wear them.

Color contacts come in different tints:

  • Enhancement Tint

This type of color contact is solid but see-through. The whole idea of using this type of contact is to enhance the color of your eyes. It’s an excellent option if you have light-colored eyes and desire to make your eyes more vibrant.

  • Visibility Tint

Visibility tints are faint, so they don’t affect your eye color. They are usually light green or blue to aid you to see the contacts better if you drop them.

  • Opaque Tint

If you desire to change your eye color completely, go for the opaque tint option. They are awesome for people who have dark-colored eyes.

They come in various colors, such as violet, green, hazel, brown, amethyst, and gray. The theatrical or costume lenses fall in this category.

  • Blending Tints

These color contacts are more opaque from the outside edges toward the center. This tends to produce a more natural look.

How Do You Care for Color Contact Lenses?

Regardless of your reasons for choosing prescription colored contacts, it would be best if you cared for them so that your eyes can be comfortable and healthy. Here are some tips:

  • Clean, disinfect, and store them with the right lens care products.
  • Replace them according to your doctor’s instructions.
  • Avoid wearing them if your eyes are irritated since red or sore eyes can be a sign that you have a serious problem or a lens-related eye infection.
  • Please don’t share your contacts with anyone else since they are medical devices.

A color contact lens is safe as long as you care for it. Contact our optometrist near you at Dr. Allyson Tang Optometrist in Scarborough, if you need colored eye contacts.

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