Online Eye Exam

Online Eye Exam in Vaughan and Scarborough, ON

Taking precautions in your general health has never been more important than these unprecedented times of self-quarantine and limited social interaction. Unfortunately, your eyesight or need for urgent eye care doesn’t understand the limitations that are currently in place. That’s why our online eye doctor in Vaughan and Scarborough, Ontario, is here to help!

Virtual Eye Exam Consultation and Tele-optometry Service

When you contact one of our offices for your online eye test for tele-optometry near you, your online eye checkup can include a test of your visual acuity, a basic contact lens checkup, a dry eye evaluation, or other issues that are on the visual surface of your ocular areas such as changes in your cornea, eyelid bumps, or redness.

There will be some limitations to your telehealth appointment such as not being able to look into your retina or take measurements for glaucoma or other eye diseases, but your remote consultation can include testing your vision when you use one of the vision tests (such as the Snellen Eye Chart, the Eyecare Live Vision Test, or the Australian Online Eye Test) that our doctors will guide you through during your tele-eyecare appointment.

Experiencing an Eye Emergency in Vaughan or Scarborough?

Although we have limited hours during this period of tele-eyecare and virtual eye exam consultations (please see below), Dr. Tang and her team know that eye-related emergencies arise outside of these hours and we encourage you to call us for consultation, advice on emergency treatment, and steps you may be able to take at home until you can be seen in one of our offices.

Monday 10 AM – 2 PM

Tuesday 11 AM – 3 PM

Wednesday 11 AM – 3 PM

Thursday 10 AM – 2 PM

Friday 10 AM – 2 PM

Saturday 10 AM – 2 PM


New Patients Are Always Welcome

Whether you’re an existing patient or a new patient experiencing new ocular changes, we look forward to seeing you and meeting you online so that we can continue to provide our over-arching promise to deliver attentive and personalized eye care through excellent communication, listening, and patience. Contact us now to schedule an appointment for teleoptometry in Vaughan or Scarborough.

Special Offer for Eyewear During Self-Isolation

During this time of self-distancing and isolation, we must support each other and the wider community. That’s why we’re offering the following special offers for a limited period*.

IPURLE eyewear is offering $0 PRESCRIPTION LENS on their eyewear, and you can have your eyewear delivered right to your preferred location while self-distancing.

You’ll receive 15% off on your first order when you sign up, discount applies automatically at checkout, and no coupon code is required.

The IPURLE team can help you conveniently and properly order prescription eyeglasses through a tele-consult. When referred by Dr. Allyson Tang Optometrist, their Ontario licensed optician will meet with you via multi-media to take measurements for the best virtual eyeglass fitting experience.

For any questions, give us a call.

Also, we’re committed to updating your prescription lens when you have a new prescription check-up with Dr. Allyson Tang Optometrist within one year from your first order.

*Conditions may apply

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