Our Dream Team

Dedicated to Lily

Have you ever felt frustrated or limited because you couldn’t see well enough to do something?

Imagine your daughter coming home from university one day and crying herself to sleep in bed. You ask her, ‘What’s wrong?’ and she said, ‘Mom, I don’t think I can ever get into medical school. My vision is too poor to see well through the microscopes in science labs.’

‘I am also three times slower at reading because of my bad eyesight,’ she said, tear streamed.

It was precisely this story that spurred Dr. Allyson Tang’s Optometry Clinic to be born on Halloween of 2013. Dr. Tang was mad as heck that any child should ever have to feel that way. She believes that people ought to grow up keeping a part of their childhood creativity and imagination – seeing in their mind’s eye that there are always possibilities.

A child would never think twice about whether it is possible to be an astronaut and fly to the moon. She just knew that is what she dreams of and would simply imagine doing it.

But somehow, along the way, we grow up learning about limitations and restrictions, thinking of why things cannot be done or why it might be difficult.

Allyson wanted to spread the message that the Young Girl who went home crying really could be amazing! It is our role to empower people, especially children and youths, with knowledge so we can protect their courage to dream. When we use knowledge properly, we will be able to see the endless possibilities and chances. It can also help a child go through her journey with greater ease and spirit.

The Dream Team at Dr. Allyson Tang Optometry is imbued with the passion to spread knowledge about eye health in creative and simple ways, positively impacting people’s lives one by one.

Had it been known that the quickly worsening vision in the Young Girl’s eyes could have been prevented, she may very well be the doctor saving lives today. Nonetheless, may Dr. Tang, Vaughan Optometrist be blessed with the ability to face challenges with gusto and see the vast possibilities.

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