Find what you need from our selection of prescription eyewear and sunglasses. There are over 15 trusted brands to choose from. Strong product warranties also give you peace of mind after you purchase your favourite eyewear. We carry:

Contact Lenses

We also endorse many major contact lens brands, including:

Order Contact Lenses

Wondering if you should order contact lenses from other online sources? Here is what you should know:

  1. Contact lenses are medical devices. They do have risks of eye infection or vision loss if not used properly or if the product does not have strict quality control.
  2. Have an eye care professional do a Contact Lens Cornea Health check for you even if you buy contact lenses from other online sources.
  • Money can be saved, but be sure you protect your eye health!
  1. If you have never worn contact lenses before and would like to, Do Not have your friend or family teach you. They may not be using the same type of contact lenses that are best fitted for your eyes
  • Learn the steps from a licensed Optometrist or Optician

Yes, you can enjoy the convenience of online ordering, and the expertise of an eye care professional at the same time!

Prescription Lenses

We often know the brand name of our eyeglass frame, but do we know the make of the lenses that we look through and see clearly with?

Like the engine under a car hood, there are many brands and makes of prescription lenses, all with varying technology, that can be installed into our favourite eyeglass frame.

The difference between each brand and make? – How well we will be able to enjoy clear, comfortable vision through them. Some of the trusted prescription lens brands we provide are:

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