Before & After Vision Correction Eye Surgery

Before & After Vision Correction Eye Surgery in Vaughan and Scarborough, ON

Complimentary Consultation for Laser Vision Correction (LVC)

Dr. Allyson Tang and her team want to be sure their patients get the best vision treatment in Vaughan and Scarborough. We work to fit the perfect pair of prescription glasses, contact lenses, or decide together with the patient on nonsurgical techniques to gain freedom from eyewear.

When it comes to laser vision correction eye surgery Vaughan and Scarborough, our optometry practices offer a complimentary consultation, where enough time is allowed to answer questions about risks, benefits, and alternatives to LASIK or PRK – the two most common types of refractive laser eye surgery to correct nearsightedness and farsightedness to maximize the freedom from glasses.

Concerned about whether laser eye surgery can help with presbyopia or the need for reading glasses? Ask us about monovision, laser blended vision or the KAMRA Inlay.

During the LVC consultation, measurements including the following are taken:

  • Thickness of your cornea
  • Smoothness of your cornea (corneal mapping or Topography),
  • Pupil size

Contact lens wearers are advised to stop lens wear for a period of time before the consultation to ensure accurate measurements. With the gathered data, your eye doctor can determine preliminarily whether you are a good candidate for LASIK or PRK. The next step after good candidacy is to complete final testing at our partnered laser centre and decide on a surgery date.

The importance of choosing whom or where to do your laser eye surgery cannot be stressed enough. Beyond price, there is also the consideration of an experienced surgeon, the type of laser equipment or technology used – for example, custom bladeless LASIK – as well as guaranteed enhancements should it be necessary. One of the laser centres we collaborate with is TLC – Toronto Laser Centre. We are proud to work with TLC to provide post-surgery follow-ups and bring one of the highest standards of care to laser eye surgery patients.

In addition to the most common refractive laser eye surgery procedures, there are other treatments like vision correction eye surgery to achieve greater freedom from glasses. These include:

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