Colour Contact Lenses

Colour Contact Lenses in Vaughan and Scarborough, ON

Colour contacts can be fun and stylish, making you stand out from the crowd!

At the same time, they are still medical devices worn on the eyes and not too different from prescription contact lenses.

What is a Contact Lens Fitting Anyway and Why Do I Need One?

Contact lenses are medical devices that require an eye doctor’s prescription, and they do come in different sizes, curvature and lens edge designs. Since everyone can have a different eye shape, contact lenses need to be fitted by a licensed Optometrist or Optician – where they will look at whether the lenses are the correct power, size and shape for you, and whether you are wearing them healthily.

Moreover, your Optometrist or Optician can teach you the proper techniques to handle and clean your contact lenses, and risks to avoid so you can enjoy clear, comfortable and safe contact lens wear.

Can I Buy My Color Contact Lenses in Vaughan and Scarborough Online?

Yes – with caution. Be sure you are ordering from a reputable source that will verify your contact lens prescription. Are they providing authentic products? Also, have you done a proper contact lens fitting and do you go for your regular contact lens cornea health checks to ensure the lenses are healthy for your eyes?

Saving money is a virtue, and your eye health is priceless! So take care of them no matter where you decide to make your purchase. Sometimes, your eye doctor can also offer the convenience ordering online.

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