Dilating Eye Drop Therapy

Dilating Eye Drops for Myopia in Vaughan and Scarborough, ON

Controlling Nearsightedness for Children using Eye Drops for Myopia

A very diluted concentration of a dilating eye drop in a 0.01% dilution can be safely and effectively used to slow down the worsening of myopia.

There are well-controlled clinical studies, with the longest study period being five years, showing that this dilating eye drop in a 0.01% dilution used once nightly can slow nearsightedness by about 50%.

How These Eye Drops Helps in Myopia

These dilating eye drops for myopia are simply used at night, and your child can wear their up-to-date eyeglasses during the day. As a parent, you may worry about the possible side effects of this eye drop. Rest assured, the occurrence of side effects – including blurred near vision and light sensitivity – is low and manageable because a very diluted concentration is used.

In many parts of Asia and in Australia, children are already benefiting from this dilating eye drop therapy.

If your child is aged 6 to 12 and experiencing a worsening of nearsightedness of more than 0.50D per year, this dilating eye drop in a 0.01% dilution can be a safe, simple, and effective treatment. Again, the standard of care at Dr. Allyson Tang’s Optometry Clinics is first to decide whether your child is a candidate for dilating eye drop therapy. Results may vary for each individual, and careful assessment with proper follow-ups is a must.

Discuss with our eye doctor near you whether a dilating eye drop is a good option for your child.

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