Eyewear in Vaughan and Scarborough, ON

About our Eyewear and Eyeglasses in Vaughan and Scarborough

Having the most suitable type of eyeglasses and sunglasses can help you feel, see, and be your best!
Eyewear has two parts:

  1. The eyeglass frame
  2. The prescription lenses

Selecting from eyewear in Vaughan or Scarborough is more than choosing the right style of frame that compliments your facial features. It is also about meeting your lifestyle needs so that you can have clear comfortable vision throughout the day.

For some people having the lightest frame is important, and for others, the frame needs to be sturdy and durable. An experienced optical consultant can help find the perfect pair of eyeglass frames for you.

Often, when it comes to eyeglasses in Vaughan and Scarborough, many think of the brand or style of frame they will choose – and yes, the frame which holds the prescription lenses is important. Yet, the pieces of prescription lenses that we see through also come in various shapes, sizes, design and technology!

Do you know what lenses you are seeing the world through?

Prescription lenses can range from a simple clear ready-made stock lens to a completely customized digitally surfaced lens on both the front and back sides, with UV blocking or blue light filtering, and a protective coating that is harder to scratch than glass. You can think of these features as improving the quality of your vision and improving the user experience.

So how do you know whether you need the most basic lenses, or the upgraded prescription lenses with more features?

Speak to your optical consultant today to learn more about the eyewear and eyeglasses in Vaughan and Scarborough.
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