Medmont Corneal Topography

Medmont Corneal Topography in Vaughan and Scarborough, ON

People who are thinking about laser vision correction, have received LASIK or PRK, or are concerned about corneal disease such as keratoconus, can benefit from a map of the front surface of the eye – a Corneal Topography. This map can tell us the shape and the smoothness of the cornea, which is the clear dome at the front of the eye.

There are many applications of corneal topography in eye care. For instance, with corneal topography information, your eye doctor can better determine if there are early signs of corneal thinning, or if you are a LASIK candidate. Still another use is in detecting dry eye. The Medmont topographer can gauge the stability of your tear film by recording the reflection of light rings from the surface of your tear film. This will tell the doctor if your tears evaporate too quickly and are unable to keep the eyes moist.

Finally, Ortho-k or Orthokeratology, used in slowing down children’s nearsightedness and providing freedom from glasses, heavily relies on corneal topography data. With accurate corneal maps, it becomes much easier to fit your child in their first pair of Ortho-k lenses.

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