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Myopia is the medical term for nearsightedness, meaning it is more than a problem of blurry distance vision. There are changes in the eye structure itself putting the patient at greater risk of eye disease.

Children with myopia have an overall longer eyeball compared to someone without any eyeglass prescription. A longer eyeball means parts of the eye are stretched thinner and weakened. Depending on the degree of myopia or nearsightedness, this stretching of the eyeball can have damaging results.

How We Can Help with Myopia Control 

Our premier optometry practices near you have a focus in myopia control, myopia treatment, and myopia management, our mission is to deliver attentive and personalized nearsightedness correction and treatment for myopia in children and patients of all ages.

One of the most frequent questions we get asked is how parents can identify the early signs that their child may require myopia correction. Keep reading to learn how to identify early myopia symptoms at home.

Myopia Symptoms in Children: The Same as in Adults

Children will exhibit the same symptoms indicating a need for myopia management near you that adults do. These include blurred vision, frequent headaches, eye strain, squinting, excessive blinking, and recurrent rubbing of the eyes. As you can tell, some of these symptoms mimic other conditions such as allergies so the surest way to detect whether your child’s symptoms could benefit from myopia glasses or myopia lenses is to schedule an appointment for an eye exam from our optometrist near you using our convenient online booking tool.

Preferred Treatment Options for Myopia Management Near You

Rest assured, there are at least three scientifically evidenced ways to help your child who is struggling to see more clearly. These are written without an order of preference or efficacy, and all are available in our family-friendly offices:

Take Control of Myopia Today

The myopia epidemic is on the rise. More children are becoming nearsighted at younger ages. By the year 2050, it is estimated that 50% of the world will be myopic based on current trends. Luckily, we have more access to useful information and research than ever. Parents are no longer stuck with just giving their children stronger eyeglasses each year. Take action now to know more about Vaughan and Scarborough myopia control and protect your child’s vision health.


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