Myopia Master

Myopia Master in Vaughan, ON

Myopia is the medical term for near-sightedness, and unfortunately, this condition is growing among children and young adults. Myopia can be identified with testing children by the age of three, and research shows that the earlier near-sightedness is detected and managed, the better the outcome. To identify and treat myopia more effectively, Dr. Allyson Tang now uses an innovative device in the clinic called Myopia Master.

Myopia in Children

Myopia is becoming a more common vision problem for patients in childhood and adolescence. This condition is a result of the lengthening of the eye ball, which changes the patient’s focus so that they can see things clearly up close, but objects look blurry when they are farther away.

Children and adolescents may show symptoms of myopia that can lead to diagnosis and treatment. These symptoms may include squinting, the need to sit closer to screens or the front of the classroom in order to see clearly, frequent blinking, and/or rubbing eyes often. Testing children for myopia at an early age can alleviate these symptoms and mitigate the condition.

Myopia Master

Myopia Master is a new, cutting-edge device that combines the ability to perform auto-refraction, measurement of axial length, and measurement of corneal curvature that indicates astigmatism (keratometry), along with a myopia software that contains updated population data for easy comparison of patient readings. These features are available in one device with Myopia Master, whereas optometrists and ophthalmologists previously relied on at least two other devices to gather such measurements and information.

Measuring axial length is a key factor to gauging the success of myopia control treatments since eye elongation is directly related to worsening nears-sightedness.  It is also known that with a longer eyeball, there is greater risk of developing eye disease such as retinal detachment, cataract and glaucoma in later adulthood.

Myopia Master allows for easier and more reliable detection of myopia, which leads to more accurate diagnoses and quicker treatment. This is especially important for young children as myopia becomes more prevalent.

If your child has not yet visited Dr. Allyson Tang Optometrist for a full eye health exam, be sure to schedule an appointment as soon as possible. Vision problems such as myopia tend to grow worse over time without treatment. If your child is demonstrating symptoms of near-sightedness or reports that their vision is blurry when looking at objects far away, they may benefit from testing with Myopia Master in Vaughan, ON. We look forward to providing comprehensive vision care for your family!

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