Ortho-K lenses

Ortho-K lenses for Myopia Control in Vaughan and Scarborough, ON

Do you want a reversible, non-surgical method of correcting your nearsightedness without contact lenses or glasses in the day time? Ortho-K may be the treatment for you. With more than five years of experience in Ortho-K, Dr. Allyson Tang is an eye doctor offering this specialty service in Vaughan and Scarborough. Not only can Ortho-K give you more freedom from glasses, it can also help children and youths slow down the progression of nearsightedness as they are growing.

Our Ortho-K lenses in Vaughan and Scarborough are specialized rigid gas-permeable lenses that are worn during sleep time to gently reshape the front surface of the cornea using your tear film pressure. These lenses are smaller than regular disposable soft lenses, and can be quite comfortable because they are worn in a closed-eye environment, reducing the interaction between lens and eyelid, which happens with each blink as we wear contact lenses in the day time.

Ortho-K technology began in the 1980’s and has a high safety-profile today. Compared to regular soft lenses, Ortho-K lenses are made of highly breathable material that allows enough oxygen to reach the front of the eyes during sleep time. Dr. Tang and her team has a thorough treatment program to ensure each Ortho-K wearer is taught how to keep the lenses clean and regular follow-up visits are scheduled to ensure healthy lens wear. The youngest patient Dr. Allyson Tang Optometrist has fitted in Ortho-K is six years old, which is also the earliest age we feel appropriate to receive Ortho-K therapy. As for the oldest age, there is no absolute limit as long as you are a good candidate for eye health and prescription-wise. In fact, there are many adults enjoying the benefits of Ortho-K therapy, especially for those who want to avoid permanent treatments including laser eye surgery. Find out today if you or your child is a good candidate. Please contact us regarding Ortho-K lenses in Vaughan and Scarborough.

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