Progressive Lenses

Progressive Lenses in Vaughan and Scarborough, ON

Bifocals with a line? No way!

If you are someone who now needs a reading prescription and not interested in switching between distance and reading glasses, you have come to the right place. Progressive lenses are prescription lenses that combine three in one. It allows you to see distance, a bit of computer, and near with just one pair of glasses. It is known as the invisible bifocal. It offers convenience and aesthetics.

You may have heard that progressive lenses are hard to adapt to. In reality, most people are able to learn how to use progressive lenses within a few weeks and they become a part of their everyday life. Success with progressive lenses depends on guidance from your eye care provider to give you tips for quicker adaptation, the optimal lens design that matches your lifestyle, and your desire to try it out.

Dr. Allyson Tang and team are dedicated to providing you tailored vision solutions. Partnering with the most trusted prescription lens makers around the world, we offer a 60 day+ satisfaction guarantee so you can try Vaughan and Scarborough progressive lenses with peace of mind.

Of course, progressive lenses are not for everyone. If you are ready to move away from drug store readers and lined bifocals, give us a shout. Dr. Tang is an expert in progressive lenses in Vaughan and Scarborough and would be ready to help you out.

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