Smart Lenses

Our Smart Lenses in Vaughan and Scarborough, ON

Our eyes did not evolve to handle all the digital technology around us. Technology has rapidly advanced to make our lives more convenient and efficient, but at the same time, it is taking a real toll on our vision health.

How many times have you heard of complaints of red, tired, dry eyes from watching various screens all day? How often do we see that our children are distracted and not sleeping at night because they are on mobile phones?

As your eye care provider, we have the task to inform you on how to protect your eyes with tools, resources and tips. If you use a computer for more than a few hours a day and you do not know about blue light filtering software, visual hygiene and Smart lenses that protect and relax your eyes, you are ill-prepared.

Smart lenses in Vaughan and Scarborough come in different designs, brands and make to suit your needs. They can help ease digital eyestrain and reduce the amount of harmful blue light entering your eyes. When combined with your eye doctor’s recommendation on vision health promoting habits, Smart lenses can help you perform at your best.

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