Specialty Contact Lenses

Specialty Contact Lenses

Apr 13, 2018

What are specialty contact lenses and how do they work?

Traditional soft contact lenses may not provide sharp vision in certain cases (examples of disease and dry eye) compared to “hard” contact lenses.

In cases of diseases, like keratoconus, the specialty contact lenses mask the irregularity of the cornea beneath it. Essentially, it gives the appearance of a smooth optical surface. These specialty contact lenses are stiffer in material compared to traditional soft contact lenses in order to prevent moulding to the current irregular shape of the eye.

For dry eye, scleral lenses is a suitable option. The lens vaults over the cornea and constantly holds a fluid reservoir to bathe the cornea to provide comfort for people who otherwise could not tolerate contact lens wear.

What are the benefits of using specialty contact lenses?

  • Sharper vision compared to soft contact lenses
  • Lowest risk for infection of all contact lenses
  • Maintain ocular surface integrity by avoiding contact with the corner

Why should I thinking about switching from soft lenses to speciality contact lenses?

  • Traditional soft contact lenses or glasses do not work because you have an irregular cornea
  • Your eyes are too dry to wear traditional soft contact lenses
  • You do not or cannot get adequate vision in traditional soft contact lenses or glasses

Who should switch over soon?

  • People with keratoconus or other corneal ecatatic diseases
  • Severe dry eye patients
  • High prescriptions

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