Taking Care of Contact Lenses | Contact Lens Care Tips

Taking Care of Contact Lenses | Contact Lens Care Tips

Jan 01, 2023

Contact lenses are optical add-ons that provide vision correction. They are good alternatives for individuals with vision problems who have trouble wearing eyeglasses. They go inside the eye, and they move with your eyes. They are ideal compared to glasses in some aspects, such as minimal obstruction to your vision.

Despite contact lenses being safe alternatives to glasses, users must take care of them appropriately to enjoy them maximumly. Taking care of contact lenses involves a basic process to ensure they do not get damaged and do not pick bacteria to prevent eye infections. If you are considering putting on contact lenses, you should visit Dr. Allyson Tang, Optometrist – Vaughan. She has an eye clinic in Vaughn, ON, and offers expert advice on how to take care of contact lenses.

If you do not take proper care of your contact lenses, they can cause some eye infections to your eyes. The major causes of these eye infections include poor hygiene, use of extended-wear lenses, environmental factors, and reduced tear exchange under the lens. Therefore, taking good care of your contact lenses is critical.

Caring Tips for Contact Lenses

  • Clean and disinfect contact lenses.

It’s advisable to clean and disinfect your contact lens after removing them from your eyes before inserting them back in. There are many types of cleansing systems, and thus, you should discuss with your eye doctor to determine the best type of cleansing solution for your contact lens. Cleaning and disinfection of your lenses help you to avoid numerous eye infections.

It’s advisable to use the ‘rub and rinse’ cleaning technique. It would be best to rub the contact lenses with your fingers, then rinse them with a solution before soaking them. Keep your lenses away from liquids.

Apart from the liquid used for cleaning, the lenses should stay away from other liquids. It is because liquids such as water and Saliva can harbor unfriendly bacteria, thus exposing your contact lenses to these organisms, which in turn cause eye injury, infection, or vision loss in some cases.

  • Proper storage and timely replacements

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, you should replace contact lenses every 3 – 6 months. You should ensure you adhere to this tip to prevent your lenses from wearing out and causing problems to your eyes. You should also ensure that you store them appropriately in the recommended containers. You should also replace the case when replacing the lenses. It should also be cleaned regularly and properly, just like the case with contact lenses.

  • Avoid wearing contacts when swimming and at night.

To ensure the longevity of your contact lenses, remove them before getting inside a swimming pool or before you sleep. It takes care of your eyes and contact lenses since a true chance of infection has been avoided. The contact lenses reduce the amount of oxygen to the eye, thus stressing the cornea. It should help make the cornea vulnerable to eye infections.

  • Hygiene

It would help if you always wash your hands when handling contact lenses or their storage cases. Eyes are vulnerable, and since contact lenses go into contact with the cornea, you should not take chances when dealing with them.

When cleaning the contact lens, you should never recycle the cleaning solution, irrespective of the circumstances. You should use only fresh solutions to clean the contact lenses. Furthermore, you should only use the recommended products when cleaning the lenses. For instance, saline solution or rewetting drops don’t disinfect the lenses.

  • Do not use saliva to clean or disinfect the lenses.

Even though it’s tempting, avoid using Saliva to clean the lenses. It would help if you only used a sterile solution to clean the lenses and nothing else. Saliva, like other liquids, may be contaminated with bacteria, causing serious eye infections.

  • Handle them carefully.

When inserting and removing contact lenses, you should be very careful. Master the art to do so effortlessly. Practice will make you an expert in the art of inserting and removing them. When not in use, store them properly to prevent any contamination. It’s best to visit a contact lens store near you and receive all the caring tips.


Contact lenses give you clear vision and help correct several eye defects. You can maximize them by caring for them appropriately. You should, for instance, minimize contact with water, maintain hygiene when handling them, and, most importantly, follow the optician’s safety tips and recommendations. Visit an eye clinic to get caring tips for contact lenses in Vaughan.

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