Tele-eyecare and Virtual Consultations

Tele-eyecare and Virtual Consultations

Apr 27, 2020

Our eye clinic can provide a tele-eyecare virtual consultation to you via video conferencing, telephone, and other multi-media. Please contact our office to schedule a virtual consultation.

Your virtual consultation can include:

  • Test of visual acuity
  • Basic contact lens check (depends on video quality)
  • Dry eye evaluation
  • Any issues with the visible surface of the eye – eyelid bumps, redness, cornea, etc.

You may need to be seen in person after the virtual consult, depending on what is found. Our team will help arrange care with a qualified provider.

There are some limitations to a virtual eye exam:

  • Cannot look at the retina for tears or detachment
  • Cannot measure for glaucoma, eye pressure
  • Cannot check or test for any disease or injury that involves the back of the eye

A full eye health exam is still recommended once in-office appointments become accessible again.

Before your tele-eyecare visit, please complete and return the following forms:

You can simply download these forms, open them with Adobe Acrobat Reader, and type directly into them, then save & return the files.

Our optometrist will give you step-by-step instructions once you connect through this secure platform: Eyecare Online. If you have any technical difficulties, it is best to call us at 905-303-8868.

We will be accepting a fee of $48 for this medical consultation service. At this time, consultation cannot be billed through OHIP. If this changes in the near future, we will contact you again at a later date to refund this fee. An electronic invoice will be sent to you in a separate email, and secure online payment can be made prior to your tele-eyecare appointment.

During your remote consultation, please be prepared to use ONE of the following resources to check your vision. Rest assured, your doctor will help guide you on how to use one of these vision tests:

    1. Test your vision
    2. Snellen Eye Chart (requires printer)

  1. Eyecare Live Vision Test (requires you to download iOS App or Android App) You also need to be able to stand 10 feet away in front of your laptop or desktop computer screen.
  2. Australian Online Eye Test

We are available for Tele-Eyecare appointments during the following office hours:

Monday 10 AM – 2 PM

Tuesday 11 AM – 3 PM

Wednesday 11 AM – 3 PM

Thursday 10 AM – 2 PM

Friday 10 AM – 2 PM

Saturday 10 AM – 2 PM


We look forward to meeting you online!

Best regards,

Dr. Allyson Tang Optometry Team

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