What are the Types & Benefits of Progressive Lenses?

What are the Types & Benefits of Progressive Lenses?

Mar 01, 2022

Eyeglasses are among the most widely used solution for eye problems. Due to their vast array of uses, there are many types available. Progressive lenses are special multifocal lenses used to correct several eye problems simultaneously. They are used to correct distance, reading usage, and computer usage.

Progressive lenses are popular due to the multiple vision corrections under a single lens. They look like standard glasses, and people near you cannot realize. Since they make the transition between prescriptions smoother, they have no line between prescriptions, like regular bifocals and trifocals.

If you have presbyopia, you require progressive lenses to correct your condition. In most cases, patients with presbyopia also suffer from nearsightedness or farsightedness. If you have such eye problems, visit an eye clinic in Vaughan. Dr. Allyson Tang Optometrist – Vaughan is a very skilled optometrist near you.

Types of Progressive Lenses

Below are the types of progressive lenses:

Standard Progressive Lenses

Standard progressive lenses are the most affordable for most people. They have a more expansive reading area and thus have a significantly larger vertical height. They have a smooth transition across the three strengths and require a slightly larger frame.

When choosing standard progressive lenses, you should avoid the ones with short frames since they minimize the power of reading. The only drawback of these progressive lenses is that they may not work with some frames.

Short Corridor Progressive Lenses

The manufacturer designed them to fit into smaller frames without sacrificing a single bit of functionality. They work best for individuals with narrow faces. Short corridor progressive lenses give you good performance and a taste of fashion. Nevertheless, they are a little bit expensive compared to standard progressive lenses.

Nonetheless, these lenses have a narrower reading corridor. Ensure your eyes are always centered when reading.

Computer Progressive Lenses

They are popularly known as office lenses or near variable focus lenses. They deliver clear vision at short ranges, usually 16 inches to six feet. These lenses are best for individuals who spend more than four hours on a computer daily. They are very efficient in reducing computer vision syndrome or visual fatigue.

Computer progressive lenses are ideal for people who work at near and intermediate distances. They also allow you to have a good posture which is advantageous to your health. They significantly improve visual comfort and reduce neck discomfort caused by unhealthy sitting positions. However, these glasses are for when working with a computer.

Premium Progressive Lenses

They feature wavefront technology or free-form design and offer a more comprehensive reading area, free of distortion. In addition, they provide clear vision because the lenses are 100% digitally surfaced. A computer designs the lenses, and both eyes work together. They also take into consideration where you have a single dominant eye.

Ground-view Progressive Lenses

These lenses are for outdoor enthusiasts. They feature patented technologies that minimize lens distortions. They give you a “ground view,” which resembles natural vision.

Transitions Progressive Lenses

Transition lenses are unique progressive lenses that darken when exposed to UV light. They provide shade to the eyes. When you walk indoors or in a shadow, they become clear.

Benefits of Progressive Lenses

Following are the benefits of progressive lenses:

  • Their unique design blends prescription across the three vision zones. They have no visible line, and thus you can’t experience image jump when using the lenses. They guarantee comfort and are safer when performing tasks.
  • Convenience. Progressive lenses are very convenient since you do not have to switch or remove them when working between different visual tasks.
  • They combine three vision collection attributes: distance, intermediate, and reading vision. To take advantage of the triple visual collection, you can get progressive lenses in Vaughan, ON.
  • They are very fashionable. PALs are modern and elegant. They are more than eyeglasses, thanks to their custom frame approach.


Progressive eye lenses correct many visions related problems. They are substitutes to bifocals and trifocals, which are often associated with old age, address specific vision needs and offer better optics in terms of style. Although they are costlier than conventional lenses, they are more beneficial and convenient. Want to get progressive lenses in Vaughan, ON? Call or book an appointment with us at Dr. Allyson Tang Optometrist today!

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