What Does Your Eye Color Talk About You & Your Personality?

What Does Your Eye Color Talk About You & Your Personality?

Dec 05, 2022

People often refer to the eyes as the “window to your soul,” which is accurate. Eyes reflect feelings of joy, patience, happiness, compassion, pain, frustration, and anger. It’s easy to tell how someone is feeling based on the eyes only. When you are angry or happy, it’s visible through your eyes, especially to a wise person who can see and tell your story.

Still, on the eyes, their color complements your face and talks pretty much about your personality and your life situation. It is because the color of the eyes is a composition of your family lineage. They represent your heredity. If you aren’t aware of the color of your eyes, you should see an eye doctor near you.

Also, some eye problems interfere with the traits of your eyes. It minimizes the accuracy of the information they convey to the outside world. Once you get prescription glasses or contact lenses, they impair the ability to tell your personality. If you have symptoms of eye problems, visit an optometrist near you, Dr Allyson Tang Optometrist – Scarborough. She will help you diagnose diseases linked to the eyes and give you ideal prescriptions or refer you to a perfect facility in case of advanced testing or surgery.

Eye Color Types

  • Dark brown or dark eyes

About 80% of the human population has brown eyes. That’s why most of the people you meet have dark eyes. People with dark brown eyes have the most melanin within the iris. They are, therefore, well protected from the sun.

People with dark brown eyes are natural-born leaders and mysterious. They also do best in sports that require accuracy and quick calculations, like table tennis. The ability to think fast is linked to the increased melanin, suggesting that your connectors between brain cells communicate more quickly. Also, these people drink less alcohol and engage in discussions properly.

  • Blue eyes

Blue eyes are because they lack sufficient melanin. People with these types of eye colors are strong-minded and physically assertive. Also, women with these eyes can tolerate pain when giving birth better than their counterparts with dark eyes. They also handle postpartum depression and anxiety in a better way than others. These persons possess great inner strength. They are also considered competitive and egotistical at some point.

  • Gray eyes

Gray eyes are a variation of blue eyes and are rare. Individuals with these types of eyes have a relatively balanced personality. They have two extremes that they effectively balance well. That describes some who can rapidly switch from good to evil and vice versa.

Light grey eyes represent someone affectionate and caring. They can hold their guard effectively around people and not allow others in easily. Dark grey eyes show an exceptionally well-balanced person who can be different things to suit the situation.

  • Hazel eyes

These types of eyes are present in unique people. It’s because hazel eyes are a mixture of brown and green varieties of eyes. These people are all over the place. They are very confident, exceptionally independent, and spontaneous. People describe hazel color eyes as eyes with two different colors.

  • Green eyes

These are also very rare. Green-eyed people are typically dominant, agreeable, and cautious. They are also more creative and work well under pressure. In addition, they are slow to anger and are unpredictable from time to time. Others consider them to be sexy, mysterious, and alluring. Most people admire as is evident by the high number of requests in color contacts.


As discussed above, every eye color is mapped to various personality traits. The world’s leading institutions, like Edinburgh University, have conducted scientific studies on eye colors and their relation to different personality traits.

The relationship between your eyes and the brain is because the eyes are closely linked neurologically to the brain. They hold essential clues on how your brain functions. To determine the perfect color of your eyes, they should be healthy. You can visit an optometrist in Scarborough to help you treat any problems with your eyes so that your eye color is not compromised. Also, the optometrist can help you interpret different color types.

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