Optomap Retinal Scan

Optomap Retinal Scan in Vaughan and Scarborough, ON

We are proud to offer the OPTOMAP wide-field retinal imaging technology. A standard eye health exam with pupil dilation only gives us about a 30° view of the inside of your eyes at one time. With the advent of OPTOMAP, eye doctors are now able to capture an image of 200°, or 80% of the retina inside your eyes in less than half a second. Thus, a standard dilated eye exam combined with the OPTOMAP will increase the chances of finding eye diseases up to almost 90%. To help prevent and detect eye problems such as diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, and retinal holes or tears early on, Dr. Allyson Tang Optometrist provides the OPTOMAP retinal scan as part of the complete eye health examination for children and adults.

The Story behind OPTOMAP:

Their company, OPTOS, was founded and incorporated in 1992 by Douglas Anderson after his then five-year-old son went blind in one eye when a retinal detachment was detected too late. Although his son was having regular eye exams, standard methods of examining young children could be difficult, with factors such as attention and ability to hold still posing a challenge to the eye doctor to get a clear view of the child’s entire retina. Anderson set out to commercialize a patient-friendly retinal imaging technique that provided a digital wide-field image of the retina in one single capture, making it fast and easy for a child to have a much-improved eye health assessment. Reference: http://optos.com/en-CA/About-us/History/

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